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Guy Cohen

How I Found The SHOP Trade, and New Tools Coming Soon

by Guy Cohen 31. March 2017 15:24
I often get asked what to do if you miss a breakout ... is late too late?  Often it's not, but you need to have a good plan so you're in control of the trade right from the outset.  In today's review I go through how I found SHOP and how you could trade it even when it hadn't&nbs... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Full Market Review: OVI vs. Other Methods - see the difference

by Guy Cohen 26. March 2017 15:34
The markets are showing decent setups in both directions.  In today's OVI market review I highlight several interesting bullish and bearish plays that I found in a matter of a couple of mouse clicks. You'll see how clean my charts are and how clear my approach is.  All backed up ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Never Miss a Trade Again! New OVI Watch List Demo

by Guy Cohen 17. March 2017 00:09
At last I have a working prototype of the new OVI Watch List app to show you! - You won't ever forget about a stock you've entered into your watch list again, because it's so easy to manage! - This is going to save you so much time! - Your favourite charts will load instantly! - ... [More]